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Child custody and child support orders always need to be made, and kept, in the best interests of the children. While providing the necessary structure to support those children, these orders also need to have the flexibility to address the changing needs of families and parents. In order to take these conflicting ideals into account, modifications are allowed to existing orders for custody or support that are in the best interests of the children.

If you would like to seek the modification of an order, or you would like to contest a modification in order to protect your children, it is important to speak with an experienced attorney to learn about your options and rights.

My name is Wanda J. Morgan, and as a family lawyer, I have grown to appreciate the challenges that parents and children have to deal with when life changes happen. I can represent either side during the modification process and will always put the child's needs first, while protecting parental rights.

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In order to achieve a change in a custody or support order, it is necessary to petition the court for a modification. Since informal agreements are often unenforceable, it is important to go through the formal process of petitioning the court for a modification. The court will consider the circumstances of the child and discern the best interest of the child at the present.

It is also possible to seek the enforcement of a child custody or child support order if your ex-spouse or partner is not complying with the terms of that order or is not paying child support on time. My firm can assist with the modification and enforcement of orders and has significant experience successfully resolving these issues for both sides.

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