Helping Florida Families Deal With Domestic Violence

Whether you are the victim of domestic abuse or have been accused as an abuser, domestic violence is a serious legal matter ― one that can tear a family apart and even lead to jail time for the alleged offender.

At the law firm of Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., we understand how sensitive domestic abuse cases can be, which is why we are dedicated to providing you with honest, straightforward and compassionate legal guidance. No matter if you need help protecting you and your family from domestic violence or are defending yourself against criminal allegations of domestic abuse, attorney Wanda J. Morgan will take the time to listen to your concerns and carefully explain your legal rights and options under Florida law.

Regardless Of The Circumstances, Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., Can Assist You

As both a family law and criminal defense lawyer, Wanda J. Morgan has a unique understanding of all aspects of domestic violence cases, including how they may impact related disputes such as child custody matters and/or divorce proceedings.

If you need a protective order, which is also known as a restraining order, Ms. Morgan can guide you through the process as well as any hearings that may be needed. Alternatively, she can help you defend against restraining orders and any related criminal offenses. In fact, in many instances we at Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., assist clients with both the family law and criminal law portions of their domestic violence cases.

If you need to speak to an experienced and knowledgeable domestic violence lawyer, contact Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., today. From our office in Shalimar, we serve clients throughout the surrounding area, including Fort Walton Beach. Email us online or call us at 850-613-6923 to learn how we can help you.