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Child custody and child support are two of the most emotional of all the legal issues that are associated with divorce. While parents always want what is best for their children, it sometimes takes a skilled family lawyer to help make that possible. Whether you are beginning a divorce and need to come to an agreement over these tough issues, or you need to modify or enforce an existing order, experienced legal help can make a different.

My name is Wanda J. Morgan, and at my law firm, I provide honest and compassionate family law representation for matters of child custody and child support in Indiana. I will help you know what to expect in the process, and when your rights need to be protected, I can do that inside and outside of the courtroom.

Fort Walton Beach Child Custody Lawyer

Child custody and time sharing can have a significant impact on the relationship you have with your child, as well as how that child will grow up and what decisions will be made on his or her behalf.

In Florida, there is an important issue that is called the "Ultimate Decision Authority." Parents are supposed to discuss issues of education, medical expenses, extracurricular activities and the academic needs of the children and work toward agreements on these decisions. If parents cannot come to an agreement, then one of the parties will have the authority to make the ultimate decision regarding these issues.

Child support, on the other hand, is typically arrived at through a calculation that is based upon factors that include income, health insurance, day care and other financial implications. Visitation rights and time sharing can also be tied to support, and it is important that these decisions are always made in the best interests of the children. Throughout all of our family law representation in cases involving children, I always ensure that their needs come first, while protecting your rights in the process.

Child Custody and Child Support in Florida

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