Charged With A Theft Crime? We Can Help.

Are you facing theft-related criminal charges in Florida, including petty theft, grand theft, burglary, robbery or even shoplifting? If so, our team of dedicated professionals at Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., is here to help.

With more than 13 years of legal experience, attorney Wanda J. Morgan has earn a reputation as a respected litigator and aggressive advocate for her clients. As a former prosecutor, she has a unique perspective when it comes to the Florida criminal justice system, and understands what it takes to be successful.

When your future is on the line, trust Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., to fight for your freedom. No matter your alleged theft-related offense, we will work tirelessly to provide you with an effective and personalized criminal defense strategy. Call 850-613-6923, or email us online, to schedule a FREE initial consultation with an experienced theft crimes attorney. We serve clients in Fort Walton Beach and the surrounding area, including the communities of Shalimar and Destin.

Let Us Take Care Of Your Legal Concerns

If police arrest you on charges of theft, you will likely have many questions rushing through your head. How much will my bail be? Will I have to pay a large fine? Am I facing jail time?

Ultimately, the answers to these questions may vary significantly depending on your specific situation, which is why it is always best to seek legal counsel right away. Also, you need to remember that a theft crime conviction can easily impact your future, such as when you apply for jobs ― making it more important than ever to vigorously challenge any offenses charged against you. If you wish to speak to a lawyer who prides herself on aggressively attacking theft charges head-on, contact Wanda J. Morgan, P.A., today.