How Do I Clear My Criminal Record In Florida?

Are you applying for a new job but have a criminal record? If so, you may be able to have your past criminal wrongs expunged or sealed under Florida law depending on the circumstances. In fact, whether you are currently looking for employment opportunities, a new home or simply want a clean slate, expungement is often the best way to ensure your past transgressions do not adversely affect your future.

Sealing Records Vs. Expungement: What Is The Difference?

Essentially, if you seal your criminal record, private employers and the public at large will not be able to see it ― although certain government agencies may still have access to it. Alternatively, if you are able to expunge your criminal history, even a government agency will not be able to view it without a court order.

While an expungement provides you greater protection from your criminal record becoming public, not everyone is eligible, which is why it may still be beneficial to seal your record.

Does It Matter If An Arrest Resulted In A Conviction Or Not?

If police arrested you for an alleged criminal offense, but you were not actually convicted or the charges were dismissed, you may be able to seek either a sealing or expungement depending on the situation. However, there are many detailed requirements and complex exceptions to sealing or expunging your criminal record, which is why it is best to consult with a lawyer.

In addition, if you were convicted of a criminal offense, it may be significantly more difficult to expunge your record. In fact, there are some offenses in which Florida law simply does not permit an expungement. Also, even if your charges resulted in an acquittal or a withholding of adjudication, you may have to seal your record for at least 10 years before you become eligible for an expungement.

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